Yardley London English Musk & Imperial Sandalwood Body Lotions

In the quest of trying new stuff, I bought Yardley London English Musk Body Lotion at first from a super market. The sales girl was offering a try out with a sample in hand. I liked the sample and bought 200ml pack for AED 9 only.
yardley london english musk body lotion 1
It’s good; smooth and silky but not sticky, however, the fragrance is kind of too strong. I was may be flooded with too many try out fragrances when I bought this and couldn’t actualy felt that how strong it is.

On part of ingredients and making Yardley claims that it contains special Silk proteins that leave your skin silky smooth & velvety soft, which is true.

yardley london english musk body lotion 2

The body lotion was good but since, I didn’t like the fragrance most, I decided to pick up another on my next visit and this time before testing anything else, I tested all other three body lotions of Yardley and this Imperial Sandalwood Body Lotion came out to be the best among all.

yardley london imperial sandalwood body lotion 1This one is a good moisturizer too and is almost same as of previous one. The company claims it to be formulated with Moisture Lock properties containing Bio-Hyaluronic Acid and an exclusive Antioxidant blend (containing Grape seed extract, Vitamin C & E) that neutralizes free radicals caused by pollutants & harmful UV rays. However, I am not sure about the UV protection as I normally use extra protection when going to have sun exposure.
yardley london imperial sandalwood body lotion 2

These are good moisturizers for anyone looking to have smooth and soft skin while remaining on budget. Can be used in day and night equally as well as in shower!

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