Why Doulas are Becoming So Popular

There are several reasons why doulas are becoming more popular than ever for mothers giving birth to their children. In Kansas City, along with many other cities, Doulas are becoming a must for pregnant mothers. In ancient times, most cultures had doulas assisting the mother during the birth of their child. However, that practice became lost in most cultures with the advent of modern medicine and medical facilities.

The doula is making a strong comeback as more mothers are recognizing the benefits they provide in the physical and emotional support that they offer. Here are five good reasons why doulas are becoming so popular and why that trend will continue into the foreseeable future.


One of the best reasons to hire the services of a professional doula is the experience they provide during the birthing process. They have helped many others like you before, so you can feel comforted in knowing what to expect. This means that you’ll be informed about your options, what to do during the process of giving birth, and helping to understand what the doctors and nurses are helping you to do when giving birth.

Emotional Support

The support they provide to boost your spirits and provide more confidence is invaluable during this stressful time. Having helped mothers before, the doula understands what you are going through and is there to help you emotionally so that you stay strong and deliver your child. The emotional support a doula provides is incalculable which means that your experience will be far better because of them helping you during this time.

Physical Assistance

In addition to the support they provide emotionally, they also will assist you physically. This means helping you move into the right positions which will help with the pain and the delivery of your child. There are several techniques that the doula uses which will provide for a better birthing experience so that the delivery can be speeded up naturally. The techniques used are safe, proven, and effective.

Improved Childbirth Experience

The joy of bringing a new life into the world cannot be matched, but it can be made even more pleasant thanks to the services of the doula. From the time the doula begins to work with you in preparing for the birth until the delivery of your child and even after the birthing process is complete, they provide you with care and assistance that is invaluable.

Post-Partum Care

One of the more overlooked aspects of the birthing process is what happens in the days, weeks, and months after it occurs. The post-partum care provided by the doula offers continued emotional support and helps with the adjustment period that provides, even more, comfort and care for the mother.

There is little wonder why the doula has become more popular in the past couple of decades. The birthing process requires the physical and emotional assistance that a doula offers which helps improve the entire experience. For mothers who are giving birth for the first time or those who need a little extra support, hiring the services of a professional doula offers a considerable number of advantages.

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