What if Your Toddler Could Tweet?

What would happen if your toddler got a hold of you Twitter account?

Have you ever wondered what they might say (assuming they could type, of course)?

Will they complain about unfair timeouts?

Boast about spilling apple juice on daddy’s new white shirt?

Or simply share how they’ve peed on the floor at the bank today while waiting in line with mommy?

what if toddler could tweet

OK, so obviously toddlers can’t tweet.

But if they could, Jen Epstein from tamethetantrum.com thinks she knows what they’ll say.

In this second compilation of hilarious tweets, Jen explores topics ranging from the familiar to the absurd.

Want to get a sample of what we mean?

Here’s a small taste which put a smile on our toddler-loving face and brought tears of laughter to our often-tired eyes:

toddler tweeting

We’re in a recession and juice boxes aren’t cheap #Groupon

 Baby proofing a house is a conscious plan to minimize the danger of neglecting me. #ParentsOfTheYear

 I wonder if Sophia is willing to go dutch on this playdate. #5050

So while tamethetantrum.com is a site that focuses on helping moms deal (and survive!) the terrible twos and toddler temper tantrums, who says a little humor can’t help?

So feel free to explore this new blog post, appropriate titled “SH!T My Toddlers (Probably) Tweet – Part 2”, and even check out the first part of the series which had some well-deserved amazing responses!

Let us know what you think and remember, next time you see a toddler with a smartphone…


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