THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask (Aloe Vera) Review

I love treating my skin with good things, and this Real Nature Aloe Vera Mask from THEFACESHOP is one such goody. It’s super hydrating and leaves your skin highly moisturized.

So far, I’ve tried two packs and I am sure, I am going to stock some more for myself as well as for gifting.

This is the pack that contains the mask, however, don’t be confused with the guy posing with flawless skin; that may be a marketing technique to urge men to give it a try.


The first thing about any product that I observe is the odor, and this one has pleasant smell. The back side has printed guidelines for application and it’s as easy as one two three.


The sachet has this wet cotton sheet that you can place on the face effortlessly. 15 to 20 minutes are enough for the sheet to transfer moisture to your skin, however, for better absorption, exfoliate the skin before applying.


With 20 minutes of super easy treatment, I get a healthy, moisturized and brighter skin. Since the sheet is super wet, some drops may keep on running on your neck, so rub them across to get your neck some benefit too. Besides that, while rubbing the drops on neck, I got lot of it on my hand which i kept on massaging and to my surprise, I got an instant manicured effect.

A must try from THEFACESHOP, if you happen to visit. I’ve combination skin and it worked like a charm on my skin!

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