The Fastest Way for Your Child to Play the Piano without Frustration

Is your child frustrated with piano lessons?

Do you spend hundreds on lessons only for them to quit in 4 months?

Stop learning and start playing with IVOREEZ. It’s “Guitar Hero” meets “Chord Buddy” and gets you playing in 60 seconds.

Yes, just 60 seconds is all you need to play the piano without skill or lessons.

piano lessons

Playing is as simple as 3 steps:

  1. Place colored Piano Decals on your keyboard. This replaces lessons.
  2. Choose a popular song from over 700+ songs on the online database. Our sheet music isn’t music notation but colored song lyrics and replaces music knowledge.
  3. Match colored piano decals with colored song lyrics and play in just 60 seconds.

It’s playing the fun, fast, easy & inexpensive way. Try it in your home with our Play free trial. (No credit card needed).

Sign up as a fan for your free account and play free trial including sample decals, songs & video tutorials. Join the music revolution and play in 60 seconds.

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