Surprising Holiday Shopping Stats You Must Know

Every year close to the holiday season we rush towards deals sites like Groupon to get the best of deals on our gifts for Christmas. However, have you ever wondered what other people in the US do when it comes to online shopping? So, I have collected some stats from the largest of the deals website and bring them to you so that you can improve your strategies based on some real inside information, in order to save more Groupon coupon from Rebaeszone can help to avail discount.

holiday shopping

This may come as a surprise, but more than half the holiday shoppers start their search for appropriate gifts before Thanksgiving. And this is also the time, when internet retailers start sending out their deals for the coming online days.

45% people actually analyze and buy the deals they find on Thanksgiving, whereas 66% go through with buying something on their list on Black Friday. After all, it is one of the major sales days on the chart. Many websites launch their major deals on this day instead of waiting for the internet exclusive Cyber Monday.

There is some really astonishing data which states that more tech deals go online on Black Friday, than on Cyber Monday. Nevertheless, 54% of people run to the web to sift through relevant deals on Cyber Monday. This whole week attracts 1/5th of all the holiday season shopping.

Shopping happy woman holding bags. Winter sales.

Shopping happy woman holding bags. Winter sales.

Then comes the snow of December and the nature of the gifts changes. 43% of people do their shopping in December. But, unlike the aforementioned stats, most of this takes place in-store rather than online.

People buying online do so on Tuesday and Wednesday, whereas in-store shopping takes place on the weekend.

Now, we come to the last part: the last minute shoppers. There are always chances that you won’t get anything decent. But, last minute shoppers are a tactical lot. They wait for just the right moment to buy the things that they may have been keeping an eye on since November. The moment they see the sale, they hit the buy button.

These are just some of the stats, which can help both businesses and shoppers to adjust their strategies. Groupon have complied them in a beautifully arranged infographic for quick viewing just for you.



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