Cost Effective Storage Ideas for Toddlers’ Toys

It take hours for me to clean and set everything up on its right place, but right in next 5 minutes things are upside down, especially the toys. It’s ok in normal situation, but imagine when you set everything as guests are coming but a scattered house is welcoming them!

Well, I started with something like this which is very good in terms of visibility and good looks. And it actually worked for quite sometime.

toddler toy storage ideas 01

But as your toddlers grows, he becomes more active and his reach is also more. So this may not work once he turns 1.5 years. It’s actually too hard to keep things look organized and beautiful, so I moved to a smart organizer where you can just put everything and it’s portable too, so you can hide it anywhere!

Yes, it’s the plastic vegetable baskets. Lot more cost effective, durable and no worries of keeping it stain free. Just wash it once a month and it dries immediately!

toddler toy storage ideas 1

Well, living in a big city, especially in apartment where space is limited, you may also look for toy storage that is handy and durable yet serves various other purposes, i.e. sitting, laying won (day bed) etc.

So here are two more cost effective ideas, I am going to opt sooner!

toddler toy storage ideas 2

toddler toy storage ideas 3

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