Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom is just beyond the bath-room, it’s a place where you relax, rejuvenate, reinvigorate and so this should be a place where you feel comfortable!

Everyone of us wants to have a luxury bathroom, but only a few are lucky to have spacious one, rest all have to end up with smaller bathroom spaces.

Even if we have a medium bathroom, with ever growing needs, we feel like the space is decreasing day by day. Well, that’s all about being un-organized.

The more organized your bathroom is, the most luxurious look it will give even if you have a smaller bathroom. My today’s search was about storage ideas for small bathroom that can make them look bigger and I found some really great ideas. And, of course, I am going to try them too!

Here it goes:

Starting with this one as I exactly have the same size cabinet and I could never organize it to store most of the stuff. These small organizers are easily available in hypermarkets, as I saw, so that’s in my shopping list for the coming trip!

storage ideas for small bathrooms 2

Just, in case the above organizers are not found anywhere, a simple shelve and removable baskets will serve the purpose!
storage ideas for small bathrooms 7

I am not sure, from where I will get this shelving unit, but it’s literally going to be the life saver!

storage ideas for small bathrooms 3

This is how you can have more of your beauty products there right in the bathroom. If you feel this needs a bit techy skills to install it perfectly, get your hubby do this for you!
storage ideas for small bathrooms 4

Too many towels? At least I have lot of them and it was always messy to place them on right location!

storage ideas for small bathrooms 5

And, more towels!storage ideas for small bathrooms 6 I never thought, this area in the bathroom can be made so lively and spacious!
storage ideas for small bathrooms

Hope, all the mommies out there will like the ideas or at least one! Well, I am going to try multiple to make up something of my own out of this creativity!

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