Startup Investment 101 for Stay at Home Mommies

Gone are the days of stay at home mommies and now, it’s time for becoming mompreneur. Let it be change in economic landscape or the technological advancement, more and more mommies are steeping out of their comfort zone to build better future.

I have always talked about starting small or micro business, but this time, I’d suggest something more exciting, yet highly rewarding, i.e. investing in startups!

Yes, it may sound a bit different, because mommies are mostly saving oriented and do not consider investment due to little or more risk associated with it. So, here’s a complete framework of where and how to start.

Explore what new business ideas people are bringing in the market; help them with little money to step up and tomorrow you can be a one of the proud owners of something big like Facebook, Apple etc.

So, here it goes:

Why Should I Invest in Startups?

Top 5 reasons to invest in startups

Know why more and more people are investing in startups?

It’s not Just the Money You Need to Make Money from Startups.

Fund a startup today and fund a great future!


How Exactly Should I Invest in Startups?

Which startup you should invest in.

How you invest in startups in important.

Some best practices to invest in startups!

Know how to invest rightly in startups?

Quick tip for startup investors to pick winners

How crowdfunding platforms can help you invest in the right startup

The next thing you should know is: What is the process for cashing out from startup investment.


Moreover, there are some areas of research before making actual investment, i.e.:

Why market research is important for startup investing

Why is it important to check startup financials before investing?

How important it is to where the startup will be spending your money!

How to review the legal documents before investing in a startup?


And yes, as an investor, the most important matter is to minimize the risk. See how to minimize the risk associated with startup investment:

How to minimize the risk by investing in a domain that you know well

Diversifying your investments can reduce the risk

How to reduce the risk of startup investment by examining monetization strategy


So if you are an enthusiastic stay at home mommy, I am sure, by going through all above, you should be ready to explore and invest in tomorrows big ventures!

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