Social Gaming: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Did your son just tell you that he owns 2 Apple Orchards, 3 fields of corn, 5 fields of wheat, and he is collecting money to buy a neighboring farm? Well he isn’t mad; he was just talking about Farmville, a social game which every 1 in 5 Americans has played at some point in his life. Is it good or bad? That depends on what you get out of it. I personally played Farmville till level 70 and it was so addictive that I spared time for the game exactly like i did for work!

For Zynga, which is one of the most successful companies to profit from social gaming, things have never been better. Two of its games rank as the top two games on Facebook: CityVile and FarmVile. FarmVile is a farm building game in real time, whereas CityVile is its City building counterpart. The revenues generated from their games are almost $800 million US Dollars and the perks and privileges enjoyed by their Game developers equal those of Google.

social gaming

Which gender leads in this social media gaming craze? Well, interestingly, 55% of all social gamers are female, so all the ladies out there who follow my blog, you’re not alone if you are a social gamer!

The interesting fact is that of these 55%, 78% have earned virtual currency by promoting the game at some point. Add to this the fact that an average American spends $74 per month and you can understand the astounding revenue figures. Consequently, people can enjoy discounted prices on subscriptions using the promotion.

While most people start by thinking that they will never spend money on in-game merchandize, most of them end up doing it. If you would like to know more details, here is a detailed infographic on the subject. Now, excuse me, as I need to purchase another cow.


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