Should I Get My Child a Kid’s Scooter?

It was great fun losing weight some two years back, and I managed to shed 25 pounds of that nasty fat. The only exercise I did was about 3 miles of brisk walking every day (at times pushing the stroller along) and of course careful eating. Well, at times uncertain circumstances bring you back to unhealthy diet and you gain unwanted weight, so I just planned to get back to a fitness routine.

But sadly, this time walking is not that fun for me, because my son is too big for the stroller now and he’s not happy pedaling his cycle along for that long distance. So, I started looking for a solution and I found that a kid’s scooter can be a fun ride for him and he will be happy to accompany me.

I personally, feel that there’s no particular age that can determine whether a child is ready for the scooter or not. He’s ready for a scooter if you see:

  • He wants to do all what the “big kids” do.
  • He is always in action.
  • He shows improved coordination, i.e. he can balance.
  • He is always interested in anything with wheels.

I liked the idea of a kid’s scooter, but still, I had concerns, whether it is a healthy activity for him or not, so I started looking for answers. I found this detailed article about best kids scooter, which also discusses the advantages like how scooter can help a kid in improving balance and coordination while developing the nervous system. Using a scooter, kids do not just develop balance and fine motor skills, but also the cognitive skills as they have to make run-time decisions while speeding up, slowing down, breaking turning etc.

Moreover, as the child gets hands on it, the exercise over the scooter helps him with better digestion, increased muscles power, and improved blood circulation. The fresh air strengthens their lungs and also helps in their emotional well-being.

I verified these findings from various other sources, and I am pretty much convinced that a 3.5 years old is all ready to use a scooter.

Safety still remains an issue, but I think it’s safe as long as the child is using it in the designated areas and under an adult’s supervision.

So, if you are a mommy of a toddler/preschooler who is too big for strollers and is not keen or able to walk long distances, buying a kids scooter is the way to go. You will find it a great solution not just for the visit to the park, but you can take it along anywhere on family vacations or when you are traveling out of town for any reason!

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