Onion & Baking Soda to Treat Toothache

How uncomfortable and hate-able toothache can be; is known only to those who had it once or else have it frequently. It’s as bad as being not able to smile even when you want to.

Well, getting the toothache treated by a dentist is the wisest idea as they figure out the actual cause of the pain and treat accordingly. But, when you have no access to the dentist at midnight or the pain has just started, home remedies can help a lot.

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According to recent research, Onion has natural anti bacterial properties, i.e. chewing raw onion kills all germs present in mouth, so it’s a sort of mouth wash. Yes, it’s not a mouth wash with pleasant fragrance, but a best agent to kills germs.

onion to treat toothache

It’s also a temporary remedy for toothache. Slice an onion, and start chewing it.


Baking Soda is another good home remedy for toothache. It has some natural pain relief agents in it, so is a good pain killer.

baking soda to treat toothache

For better use, dissolve it in warm water, and apply to the affected area. It actually acts against the acids that cause pain in your teeth.

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