Olay Natural White Miracle Fairness BB Cream Review

Every girl is concerned about her complexion and so always looks for something that helps her get a flawless skin.

So, all the girls out there looking for a fairer complexion will be highly impressed with the name “Miracle Fairness”, as I was and so bought this Natural White Miracle Fairness BB Cream by Olay.

Natural White Miracle Fairness BB Cream 1

Yes, it’s a good option for fairer and flawless skin in one touch and works instantly. That’s how a BB cream should work.
Olay’s description of the product says that its Fairness Perfecting Complex combines two powerful ingredients with a touch of Max Factor foundation and so in one touch you get a flawless skin. Well, it does so, but depending upon your complexion the results may vary.

Natural White Miracle Fairness BB Cream 2

It did work as it says, but not as I expected from a Miracle Fairness formula. Here I am grading it one by one, as it claims:
Fairer Skin: Not exactly; by Miracle fairness I assumed it to be giving a natural look, while it doesn’t give a naturally looking fairness touch and looks very much similar to a foundation liquid.
Instantly Evens Skin Tone: Yes, but may not work if you have too many pores.
Covers Imperfections: Covers the brown spots effectively, but not the darker ones, you need to apply concealer in any way.
Brightens: Without a doubt, it does.
24h Hydration for Smooth & Soft Skin: Honestly, I didn’t check for 24 hours, but yes, it helps for longer hours.
UV protection with SPF 15: Very effective!


It’s a good one is you have not much dark spots and your complexion is not too dark too. Price ranges between AED 22 to AED 29 as I observed in various supermarkets.

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