My Under 35Dhs Shopping from Boots Pharmacy

Discount shopping is a great way to get back to the life, when you are over stressed, and this my best practice for relaxing after a tough working week or getting rid of other day to day tensions.

This time, I entered to explore Boots Pharmacy in Ibn Batutta Mall, as I saw a big Buy 1 Get 1 Free and Buy 2 Get 1 Free banner outside the pharmacy and happily did some awesome shopping.

There were other regular items in shopping too, but following is the discount lot that I brought home for AED34 only.IMG_0491

Yes, it was set of two for AED3. I’ve spend a big deal on buying these from Babyshop and Carrefour as my son’s teething is still in progress. Believe me it’s a big money saver, if your baby is teething and the feeder’s nipple is out of order every two days.


I used it right after reaching home, and I loved the cucumber odor with a soft touch. I am not sure if it actually whitens or not, but this cleansing lotion is really good; not just removes the makeup but also soothes the skin.

It came for AED5 only, while being in a promotion. The regular price being AED14.IMG_0501

I basically wanted to try the Intensive Treatment Mask which was of AED18, but bought the conditioner too as it was in Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer. The regular price of the conditioner is AED15. So far, I have tried the mask only, and it was awesome.IMG_0497

Boots Provitamin Shine Enhance Shampoo was my last purchase from the discount items. I once read online a good review of it and so thought to give it a try, as it was for AED5 only. Well, I’ve not used it yet, but I read the details about ingredients before buying, so will give it a try in sometime and will update results.IMG_0494

AED34 spent on the above products from Boots were actually worth way more. Though, I used half of the items so far, the experience was very good.

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