Mindful Eating Tips to Beat Emotional Eating

Eating is a natural activity; it satisfies hunger, pleases the body and keeps it healthy enough to perform day to day tasks, however, may of us are living in an food-abundant economy whereby eating is often mindless and so results as various health issues, obesity, and a great deal of emotional disbalance.

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What we need is “Mindful eating” which means eating with intention and attention; Remember, only mindful eating can help you beat obesity and other weight related issues. I wrote much about weight loss and emotional eating, however, lately I read some more useful stuff so summing it all at one place:

Starter’s Tips for Mindful Eating from Huffington Post

5 Mindful Eating Tips from WomensHealthMag

Mindful Eating Tips for Holidays from Harvard Health

Besides these, do check my older entries on the topic including emotional eating, avoiding certain types of foods and adding some foods that help you with mindful eating.

6 Tips to Avoid Eating Fast Food While You are on Weight Loss

Drinking Green Tea Gets you on Track; 5 Reasons for Must Making it a Routine

This is how you can Replace Emotional Eating with Healthy Diet

And do not forget the fact that Staying Happy Helps Fighting Emotional Eating

And finally, here’s a weird useful set of questions to ask yourself to deal emotional eating anytime anywhere!

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