MAXON MAX100 Sunblock Cream Review

Another goodie from Glambox July 2016 edition is MAXON Max 100 sunblock cream which is a very good, non-greasy formula for ultra-protection with SPF of 50+.

The 7ml sample is good enough for almost 7 uses, and results are simply awesome. You get a flawless skin with ultimate protection which lasts for up to six hours, however the fresher look and feel stays beyond 8 hours.


A must have in your travel pouch; whether you’re traveling for a dry rough adventure or going for some aqua fun… Yes, it is water resistant too!

As per the email from Glambox, the 50ml product is priced AED105, which may seem a bit expensive, but consider 50 sessions

of ultimate protection for just AED105 and you won’t regret the investment!



I just explored the more details about the product and here’s what’s really special about it:

  • Photostable Formula
  • Non-greasy and non-comedogenic
  • Moisturizes and Smoothes the skin
  • Anti-free radicals
  • Waterproof and perspiration resistant
  • Dry light touch
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