Making Your Strapless Bra More Fashionable with Jewel Straps

As the warm weather approaches, and the sunshine impulses you to say goodbye to tights, jeans, and, long sleeves, you start feeling the fashion freedom. However, the excitement keeps fading when you see those bra straps hanging out.

You either have to put your favorite strapless dress away or look for a strapless bra with good support to stay comfortable while looking classy!

I’m not a big fan of strapless bras, or “sticker bras” and prefer the regular, everyday bras, but I can understand the pain of googling ideas to hide the bra straps. In fact, at some point, I did search for bra hacks myself, and to be very honest most of the hacks do not work exactly as they show in the picture. But, what I lately found is something that every fashionista will love; it’s Jewel Straps.

Jewel Straps are awesome innovation that every fashionista will love to own; the jewelry replacement bra straps that provide a perfect accent to your strapless ensembles while helping to support your strapless bra.

Simply attach the Jewel Strap hooks to the loop in your strapless bra, use the adjustable chain to shorten or lengthen the Jewel Strap to the perfect fit and look elegant in your favorite dress. These stylish straps will surely compliment your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd!

Jewel Straps are currently available in variety of designs and 4 finishes, i.e. stainless steel, blue, black, and 18k gold plated. So, no more hiding your bra straps, rather show them off with classy accessories.

Jewel Straps are live on Kickstarter and you can pre-order your favorite design. And yes, don’t worry if you do not own a strapless bra; just for an additional $10 they will send you a fashionable strapless bra / panty set with your Jewel Straps!

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