Make Cooking Oil a Part Of Your Diet Even On Weight Loss Program

If you are more concerned about your weight, with the thought of cooking oil, the first thing comes in mind is ‘fat’, and so increasing weight.

So mostly it’s regarded as anti-health food item. But it’s not right, i.e. cooking oil is an important food ingredient.

Like everything works best when it’s balanced, so does the cooking oil do, i.e. excessive use can of course cause harm. One tablespoon (14g) of cooking oil contains around 120 calories and all of its content if fat.

importance of cooking oil


Intake of cooking oil may vary according to your needs, so even if you cannot afford a half tablespoon, use cooking oil spray to add a few drops.

cooking oil spray

Choice of good and healthy cooking oil is also a great concern. When selecting cooking oil, olive oil is the best choice, however, depending upon your taste and budget you may go for other options.

olive oil

Olive oil is great choice for lighter recipes, because frying it for longer causes all the nutrients in to be diminished. For recipes where cooking time is more than 15 minutes, the good options are corn, canola and soybean oils.

soybean oil

Well, the question is still there that how does cooking oil help have better health. Here it goes:

  • It improves your skin quality.
  • It ensures healthy growth of nails.
  • It helps having shiny and healthy hair.
  • It helps the body to replenish the internal functions.
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