L’Oréal Excellence vs L’Oréal Prodigy; Which One is Best!

I’ve been a great fan of henna and didn’t like much of the hair colors because they cause more grey hair. However, a beautician told me about ammonia free hair colors that they are safe and won’t add up the grey hair, so I did my own research and thought to give a try to Amonia free hair color.

Honestly, it’s an awesome replacement of henna; saves hours of effort and frustration sitting idle in the salon. Moreover, applying henna at home is nothing more than a whole mess, while hair color takes not more than an hour to get done!

Well, I tried two different hair colors so far, L’Oréal Excellence and L’Oréal Prodigy. Both are ammonia free and safe to use, however they cost you 2 to 3 times more than ordinary hair colors. A good regular hair color comes in between AED11 to AED15. On the other hand, L’Oréal Excellence is priced between AED39 to 41 and L’Oréal Prodigy is AED45 to 49 in different stores.

loreal excellence vs loreal prodigy

Yes, they are highly priced, but if you compare the cost of time and effort spent on henna and the loss caused by regular hair colors, this is not a high price!

I liked both, but I will prefer sticking to L’Oréal Prodigy in future, because of some reasons and here they are:

Application Process: Not difficult at all, with the bottle applicator you can apply both of them at home like a pro.

Grey Coverage: Prodigy is almost 70% better than Excellence.

Shine & Improved Texture: Excellent with both of them, however, Prodigy makes it more of natural-looking color.

Hair Health: Though they look healthier with both of them, Prodigy is a step ahead in this too!

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