How to Organize Makeup on Budget

You can understand the pain only if you happen not to find the matching lipstick on time just because you have too many lipsticks and it just disappeared in the crowd!

Well, that’s normal for any girl, but being a makeup geek and staying stylish need you to optimize your time too. This is possible only when you keep your makeup well organized.

I was looking to organize my makeup, but honestly, I didn’t want to spend money on buying an expensive yet tiny makeup organizer that doesn’t get everything fit in it. So started searching for DIY and low cost makeup organizing ideas and here are some I am going to try out!

I liked the idea actually, as it can store a lot more than just makeup including your skin care and personal hygiene stuff. This organizer may be found a bit expensive if you are looking over Ikea, but variety of low cost options are available in heypermarkets.

how to organize makeup 1

This one is just awesome recycling of cheese and jam jars. Surely going to try!how to organize makeup 2

So, if you are short of space and cannot afford a dressing table in the small bedroom, this one is a life saver. Just hang it at the back of bathroom door!how to organize makeup 3

This one is though smaller, but bigger options are also available easily. So depending upon your requirements, this one is good too!how to organize makeup 4

Messy drawers are problem with everyone, but a wise use of used boxes can do wonders!how to organize makeup 5

Probably the cheapest one it should be! Again for space savers!how to organize makeup in bathroom

Organizing your makeup will not just give you peace of mind, but you will feel more glow when you find the desired item on right time!


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