How to Make Your Skin Absorb More of Skin Care Products

We all spend lot of money on buying expensive skin care products and they can work only if our skin absorbs the content well.

I buy expensive skin care products and to be very honest, I want them to be working at their best. To make sure I use them fully, I explored how can I make my skin absorb the most of the content of these products and I found a real working formula, so sharing this one.

How to Make Your Skin Absorb More of Skin Care Products

Everyone’s skin is different and so the absorption ratio should be varying,¬†however, there are some common methods¬†which help increasing the absorption capacity of the skin. Here goes the list.

1- Exfoliate First: Don’t let the dead skin become barrier, remove it so only the living skin cells should get the required product.

exfoliate first

2- Wash Skin with Lukewarm Water: Doing this lets the pores open and get the skin cells more active, and hence the active skin cells can absorb more of the contents.

wash skin with lukewarm water

3- Apply on Damp Skin: When your skin is damp, it acts like a sponge that absorbs anything that comes on the way.

apply on damp skin

4- Apply the Most Important One First: If you are using serum, that must go first and then your regular cream. Apply the serum first and let your skin dry before applying the other cream or makeup.

apply the important cream first

5- Coat it with Something Heavy: Once you have applied the serum, the best option is to coat it with a night cream, or sticky. Topping of your skin care product with a heavy cream lets it get inside more effectively.

6- Consider Applying in the Night Time: Most of the serums and creams are more effective in the night time, as they don’t work good in Sun light. Besides that, applying it in night also ensures you don’t wash it at least for 6 hours and your skin cells better absorb the ingredients while you are resting.

apply it in the night time

I am not a dermatologist, and the above is what worked for me. While using this process, I noticed that the same old skin care products are showing better results.

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