How to Make Money with Google AdSense

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit all day in your comfortable chair while your bank account steadily receives small amounts of money? It doesn’t seem plausible but wait until you hear about Google AdSense. Take a few minutes of your time and learn about a tool Google has launched to help you earn an additional passive income online. I’ll tell you all there is to know about making money with Google AdSense.

Before we start, let me emphasize that only publishers can have and make use of a Google AdSense account. So, to be eligible or to utilize Google AdSense, you need to have a legal online property such as a blog, YouTube channel, website etc. AdSense is widely popular because you just need to configurate it once and then all you need to do is sit back and wait for traffic to bring you more money.

Part I – Getting Started with Google AdSense

To start using AdSense service, you just need to have a Google account and apply for an AdSense account. You need to create a free account. After you’re done creating the account, move on to the next step.

Part II – Create and place your Ad

This is probably the most interesting part of Google AdSense. You only need to do this once since after configuring your Ad, the rest is up to the traffic on your page and Google. Configure your ad and then copy and paste the HTML code you get on your blog/channel/website.

Part III – Google AdSense Approval

Google has the right to read through your content and find out if your blog is suitable for their programme. If your content satisfies their demands, Google’s ads will start appearing on your page/channel/website. It may take a while for Google to research your content since there are a lot of applicants. Be patient and if your website is adherent to their policies, it will be approved. If you get approved, all you need to do is setup your profile and you’re good to go.

Part IV – Wait or Increase the Traffic

This is the most boring but at the same time easiest part of configuring Google AdSense. Once you’ve made sure that you’ve done everything in your power to place ads properly, wait and see if the revenue you get from Google satisfies your appetites. If it doesn’t, try to increase traffic or inspire people to click on your ads. However, don’t try to convince your family and friends just to get clicks because Google takes care of these things. They will suspend your account and you won’t be able to open another one. Google appreciates true clicks and you need to play by the book.

Additional Information

The most common question is how much can you earn by using Google AdSense?  Unfortunately, there’s no right answer for this universal question. Google pays according to click through ratio or CTR and it will depend on the advertiser. There are so many variables (niche, competition, advertisers, and number of clicks) and no one can precisely tell how much money you will earn.

To sum up, making money with Google AdSense isn’t easy pickings if you don’t have lot traffic on your site. If that’s the case, try to make your content more popular and then try increasing your AdSense revenue. However, if you have a popular website, blog or a YouTube channel, Google AdSense is the true way to monetize it.

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