How To Choose The Right Space to Hang Your Pendant Light

Selecting the right space for a new pendant light fixture is essential to you getting the absolute most out of your investment. Here are a few considerations to mull over before you get to placing your new light:


Where are you hanging your pendant light? Do you want it to be a centrepiece, or are you in need of something more subtle? By putting thought into the area that you are lighting you will make a more informed decision. If you have an open space or a room with low sitting furniture, like a longue, then you have the luxury of opting for a larger statement piece.

If you are searching for a pendant light for a more functional room, a workshop or your home office, then the light should be more subtle, streamlined and placed practically –  directly above the work space.  

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The height of your fixture will depend on two things: the height of your ceilings and the height of the furniture that your light will be hanging above.

The lower your pendant hangs, the shallower its light projection will be, keep this in mind in relation to the function of the room it will be in. If you want a cosy ambience it can hang lower, if it’s for operational purposes then higher up will be better.

Anything that is too low or too high will ruin the harmony that you’ve created in your room and it will be visibly noticeable so be careful with your choice. Consult a professional electrician for guidance, they can show you how the light will look hanging from different lengths and will be up to date on any possible dangers or disadvantages of certain hanging formations.  


The size of the actual pendant will have a big impact on how it will fit your space. If you have a fixture that is larger, you need to be sure that you have the open space to accommodate it. Placing a big pendant light in an already full room will make everything look too busy and uncoordinated, if it’s already crowded choose a smaller light. The wider the pendant the bigger its light projection is, meaning that if you want a warm mood with low lighting, you have to be sure that you find a pendant that is smaller in width.

You can create a different mood with smaller pendants which are in a formation. Pendants placed in a linear formation is a very classic and elegant option.


Your style of pendant is a very important factor in your decision making process. The style that you go for should be complementary to the overall look of the room, anything that clashes too much will be jarring on the eye.

Look at a variety of colours, materials and tones to decide how it will contribute to the room that its in, keep in mind that you want to find a pendant that communicates the overall style and function of your space.

Use a helping hand

Don’t try to undergo this process solo, you’ll need the help of a pro as well as some opinions from your friends and family to be sure you’ve chosen the right place for your pendant light.

By planning and thinking carefully about where your fixture is going to hang, you will be sure to achieve the best effect for your home. It’s time to hang your pendant light in your chosen room!

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