Home Based Gym Startup in New York City; an Awesome Idea for Fit Mommy

Starting a small business in a big city like New York is not that easy and if full of challenges. Startup cost is one big challenge and many first time entrepreneurs drop the business idea just because it require huge setup costs.

If you’re a stay at home mommy in New York City and have done a lot in exploring the lists of small business ideas for New York City, hold on for now!

You may be much convinced that a gym business is something you can start and run effectively, but if it’s the startup cost, that is bothering you, just relax! You must not worry about the startup costs. Gym can be started on very small scale from home even, but you must have the skills and enthusiasm.

So, if you just have a spare room at your house, load it with few machines and get started. Well, one thing you must have is exceptional training that helps people achieve their goals!


Start marketing it in neighborhood, distribute pamphlets in the nearby park, when it’s rushed with mommies and babies and do not forget to target your friends nearby!

Here are some more resources for starting a home based gym business in New York City.

How to start a home based gym business.

Personal Training in home gym; pros and cons.

Home based gym; licensing and permits.

How to turn your garage into a home gym.

New York City small business setup tool kit.

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