How to Help Your Toddler Develop Various Skills with Manipulatives

Being a mommy is awesome, but it’s full of challenges too. At times you feel things will be easy and quick once your kid grows up, but believe me, the challenges become complex as the child grows.

With your child growing up faster, you need to be faster in everything, i.e. getting meals ready, keeping him clean and tidy and above all making him learn different skills. Helping your kids in learning is probably the biggest challenge, as I feel it while encountering it now.

Manipulatives and table toys are mommy’s best companions when it comes to help your toddler develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and visual discrimination. Recognition of shapes, colors, and textures can best serve the purpose. I just found this set of colorful ceramic disc magnets in six colors. Magnets are actually very attractive for kids and you can plan lot of activities using magnets.

ceramic magnets

But be sure your child plays under your supervision as toddlers love to put everything in their mouths. Small items include a choking hazard warning.

Next comes Phonics, which is the best way to help the child in speaking and reading and you do need some manipulatives for it too. A good item that I found at is Unifix Phonics Small group Set; a set of 180 cubes with teacher notes and the book Unifix Phonics Activities. I liked it because it has enough materials for up to four children, so it can be used in a playdate too! Yes, children learn more on a playdate than alone.

Unifix Small Group Set- photoshop (1)

Besides these two main categories, there are some more types of manipulatives to speed up the learning of your toddler. For instance:

  • Play sets for comparison of similarities and differences.
  • Puzzles for matching, classification, and pattern recognition.
  • Signs for following directions.
  • Games for following sequences, and concentrating for completing tasks.
  • Play doughs and paints to practice creativity.

Math and science manipulatives improve toddlers learning process at school or home. Having some at home is a must.

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