Glambox Bioderma Exclusive Review

Finally, I have used almost all the samples from this Bioderma exclusive Glambox which a friend of mine gifted me. First of all thanks to her for the great stuff; everything in the box was too good to experience.

This is what the box contained!

I will discuss each item as I used and how it worked:


Bioderma Martricium:

I am discussing this one at first, because this was something I lately needed.

It claims, that it recreates an ideal cellular environment so that the skin regains its own regeneration capacities. And, it actually does so. I could see a clear improvement in my skin as it was years ago. The 5 dose sample was enough to help my skin, however, I do plan to buy the full pack for my mom.



Bioderma Sebium Exfoliating Gel & Sebium Global:

The Sebium exfoliating gel and the Sebium global samples contained 15 ml each which lasted for about 10 days. The exfoliating gel is good especially if you are battling with blackheads.

On the other hand, Sebium global is something really great for acne prone skin and is very good in eliminating the dark spots, however it won’t work on hyperpigmentation. I checked the products range of Bioderma and they do have a separate solution for hyperpigmentation which I am surely going to try.



Sensibio H2O 100mL:

I must say, “one of the best makeup removers I used so far”. You are going to love it if you have sensitive skin, because I always had problem with removing eye makeup because of sensitive skin and being prone to various materials allergies.



Photoderm Max Ultra Fluid Light SPF 50:

Well, this sample was not enough in quantity so rather than taking risk of a day out, I planned to try it while doing small chores and it appeared to be working efficiently.



Dr.G Hydra Intensive Mask:

Well, this was the only non-Bioderma product in the Bioderma exclusive box and it was as good as other items. Super hydrated mask sheet that you need to put on the face for about 20 minutes and right after get a fresher, healthier and cooler skin at home. Such treatment is a must at least once a month for all those ladies living in this extra hot gulf region.

Dr.G Hydra Intensive Mask


20% Discount Coupon for Bioderma Products at BinSina Pharmacies:

For sure, I am going to try some more stuff from Bioderma and so 20% off sounds a great help!



The Travel Pouch:

I am loving this one; the clear one lets me see everything in it. And no matter how many travel size pouches I already have, I love having more, because whenever I travel I need them to stay organized!image


Overall, it was all great stuff and almost everything in it was useful and I am surely going to try some more stuff from Bioderma!

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