Florist, Macaron Box & Jabuti Caba Fragrances by Lovage Cosmetics

If you love fragrances and want to try something new, I highly recommend exploring Lovage Fragrances. The July 2016 Glambox brought three sample size of awesome fragrances from Lovage Cosmetics, i.e. Florist, Macaron Box & Jabuti Caba. Each sample contained 3ml of fragrance!


Each fragrance sets you a different mood, which is energizing, soothing and refreshing! Whether you want to give your day a fresher start or want to be the center of attention in an evening gathering, these fragrances will let you discover a new sensorial experience!




I simply loved the samples, however, when it comes to a full size product, I may be reluctant to buy a 100ml container for AED 450. I’d rather be interested in buying two different 50ml bottles for the same price.

As suggested by Glambox, the fragrances and many other amazing products from Lovage Cosmetics are found at Dubai Festival City Mall, Etihad Mall Dubai, Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi and Yas Mall Abu Dhabi.

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