Fetch And Learn Luna; A Must Try Educational App for Toddlers

Lately, I have been searching for quite a lot of educational apps for my toddler and found Fetch and Learn Luna really a very engaging app. I downloaded the free Android version which includes two modes, i.e. Learning and Play.

The learning mode includes numbers and alphabet while the play mode has numbers, letter, colors, and animals. My kido really liked it and spent a good time exploring it. The learning mode is very simple with a clear and bright background, so the child learns one letter/number at once without any distractive background. In the play mode, there are series of questions with three options. As the child picks the ball with the right answer it is thrown for Luna to fetch and as the puppy fetches it, the child feels if it’s playing with him in actual!

What I liked more about the game is the color scheme and the light background music which attract preschoolers more. Moreover, it’s very simple to use and great fun; so basically your child feels having just fun, while he’s actually learning something useful! Luna, the adorable energetic puppy makes the app really special, and I am sure your kids will love to play and learn with Luna too!

Since it’s free, it’s a great way to get your child engage in a healthy learning activity. Must try it, and you will love the way your child interacts with it!And yes, don’t worry about the ads in the free version, they are totally

And yes, don’t worry about the ads in the free version, they are totally child-friendly, and you should be sure that your child is not being exposed to the improper content. And, if you want to remove the ads, you can get the paid version which is not too expensive at all!

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