Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara Review

The first thing I used from the July 2016 Glambox was Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara. Just because I am obsessed with eye makeup, I love trying everything that gives the lashes a glamourous look with minimal effort and I am so happy that Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara does so!


Just a single stroke on lashes will give them a volume to pop out and you will love the look and feel instantly, as it dries out faster! The genius conic fiber brush plays its role in giving this fine look in a single stroke.



I am certainly going to buy a lot of Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara for all my beauty enthusiast friends, because this is a must try and not too expensive too. You can find it at Bazaar, Day to Day Deira, R&B Fashion, Temptations, IBN & YAS, V Perfumes and Lulu for AED 13 only.

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