DODuae; One Stop Shop for All Your Affordable Luxury in the UAE

Well, this is the first time that I am writing a product review just few minutes after I received the shipment, because it deserves so. I ordered yesterday afternoon, and received it today morning….. And in fact I was so impressed by the speed, customer service and the product quality that urged me to speak (write) faster…

Though, I have seen many ads from DODuae online, but I always thought to buy later. But, this was the offer I saw in my Facebook that I couldn’t resist buying.

doduae offer

I was still a bit hesitant, because many times while buying online, the product images are too convincing, but when you receive the product, the only thing you can appreciate is the skills of graphic artist…. Well, since I was already on their Facebook after clicking the ad, I thought to get details, so I messaged them and to my surprise, I got instant reply.

When I say instant, it means “INSTANT”. Faster than the phone call; imagine when you call the customer service of some retail store like Landmark Shops (though it’s also my favorite), you never get such quick reply. And being a marketer myself, I always insist businesses to focus most on the customer service… So, for me, DODuae customer service is 10/10.

The next comes placing my order, as the CS guided me very well over Facebook messaging, and a few minutes after I specified the products, they created my order. But there was a surprise to come; in little more time, I received the update that my order has been shipped…. Now let me compare it with when buying from or even Landmark Shops; it takes 24 hours to 3 days to receive this news….

Now I was expecting the delivery in 2, 3 days, but the third surprise when I received it in less than 24 hours….. For fast delivery and better communication with the shipping partner, I will give them 10/10 again. And this is what I received.


Now, I was so keen to open the box, and here I am going to unbox the order….





Yes, everything was exactly as described, very well packaged and was more than the value of money I spent. Once again 10/10

I know the name DODuae from as I bought a lot of stuff from the seller and I never hesitated placing order, because I knew if it’s DODuae, it will be good! I am not sure, but I feel, this is the same DODuae.

And the ending note; If you’re looking for affordable luxury while being in the UAE or want to treat your loved ones with the luxurious style and designs, do buy from


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