Cool & Cool Green Tea Mask Pack Review

I think all of us are great fans of using natural ingredients at least once in a life time, but by the time we actually feel that we are aging, we start thinking more about getting back to nature.

Well, I happened to find this Green Tea Mask Pack first time in Carrefour Hypermarket some one moth back. May be it has been already in the market for long and I never knew.  It was just AED3.75 or 4.75 I don’t exactly remember, and was comparatively in lesser size than the normal masks. As, I love trying such things, I bought this one and to my surprise it showed up to be a really good one.IMG_0513

As it says, it prevents aging, you must not expect that you are going to use this alone to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, because to prevent wrinkles completely you need to take care of skin fully. But yes, this mask does help you super hydrate your skin.IMG_0514

The back side has all the details about the product and application guidelines. So, it’s too easy, open the pack, unfold the mask and put it on your face and let your skin absorb its contents for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

The above is the picture of mask I tool after using, and the only problem with this mask is that it doesn’t fit well on my face, but I think that’s the case with all others.

To sum it up, Cool & Cool Green Tea Mask Pack is a good one to use, it may not be that hydrating as of THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask (Aloe Vera). But, it’s of great value for the price tag it has.

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