Cool & Cool Cucumber Mask Pack Review

I lately posted my review about Cool & Cool Green Tea Mask Pack, which was an awesome treat for the face for just AED3.75. The other one that I bought with the Green Tea Mask Pack was Cool & Cool Cucumber Mask Pack.

The same size, same packaging, same price and almost same results!


As it says, it’s for the same purpose, i.e. preventing aging; let me tell you that all those masks that provide excessive hydration to the skin are meant to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The more moisturizer your skin absorbs, the more healthier and fresher it stays. So, by using this mask once in a blue moon you expect to prevent aging, you fail.IMG_0512

To let this or any other mask work, you have to use it often, i.e. whenever you find your skin dull and dry, give it this small treat!


The only problem with Cool and Cool masks are that they may not fully fit on your face, but that’s ok, as long as they cover the major area.

On my next visit to the supermarket, I bought a whole lot of these masks, because they are just awesome; classic beauty in budget!

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