Colorful Bathroom Design & Decorating Ideas

According to researches, we spend about 1.5 years in the bathroom in our life time. Yes, that’s true with an average of 6 minutes per session and 6 sessions a day!

Well, regardless of the fact that how much time we spend in bathroom, we must spend some quality time there! LOLZ….. by quality time I mean the place should be relaxing and colorful enough to make your day to day life refreshing and more colorful!

So, here I found some really colorful ideas for bathrooms. Some of them do need you to have a bigger bathroom but some can me decorated well in a smaller space too!

I loved this one at first; all you need to do is to play well with colors not just on the fabric, but on walls too!

colorful bathroom design ideas 1

This one should be good for the bathroom with master bedroom!colorful bathroom design ideas 2

For a moment, I thought it to be a good idea for kids bathroom only, but later I realized it can actually make any smaller bathroom look bigger!colorful bathroom design ideas 3 So, if you are tired of cleaning those white and light colored title, this is the best idea!
colorful bathroom design ideas 6

Adding a little more spice to the one above!colorful bathroom design ideas 8

We all love green! Why not in the bathroom? It’s awesome!colorful bathroom design ideas 9

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