Boots Ingredients Conditioner Henna & Chestnut Review

This Ingredients Conditioner Henna & Chestnut was part of my discount shopping from Boots Pharmacy, and finally I used it enough to write my review!

As the product label says “Conditioner with Henna & Chestnut”, it should contain extracts of Henna and Chestnut for the very common reason, i.e. to enhance the color of red and brown hair. As I dye my hair with Henna, this one seemed to be a better option to try; every few weeks the grey hair roots are so prominent that they shadow all the efforts on skin & hair care.

As I tried and tested, it works; yes, it helps the Henna stay in your hair for longer than normal!


Using it as a replacement of your conditioner should be good idea, but only if you are not much concerned about the frizzy hair…. Why? Because it’s not that type of milky conditioner that remove all the frizz from your hair making them super straight…. It’s very mild conditioner, so do not expect it to be giving your hair a straight lock!IMG_0517

This Boots Ingredients Conditioner though leaves your soft & smooth, the frizz remains, and the best idea to remove that frizz and get all the benefits of this conditioner is to dry your hair immediately in sunlight… make sure not to use a blow dry or any heat, that’s going to create a damage only!

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