Baby Boy Bedroom Design & Decor Ideas

Well, my little munchkin has just turned two and I was wondering that sooner he will need his own bedroom, so thought to explore some bedroom design ideas for baby boy and seeing those all blues took me down actually.

I mean, I am just intolerant to blue color for baby boys only, as it seems very disappointing to see all the colors for baby girls and just blue for boys. Well, on taking the search of baby boy bedroom ideas, I found White next….. but wait…. white is not a suitable option for boys bedrooms at least…. just because it’s a tough thing on mommy’s end to maintain!

So, I stumbled upon various design and decor blogs and finally had some success with colorful bedroom design and decor ideas for baby boys…. so all the mommies out there, do check these, there’s a whole new world for your boy beyond that blue!

This was the first one I liked, but I need to wait some more years for such kind of options, as it’s not for toddlers and your boy should be at least 5 to have this style.

baby boy bedroom design ideas 2

Another one that attracted my attention, but for the same age group as I discussed above. So, I just saved it for mommies of boys aging boy bedroom design ideas 3

The third one I liked, but again for at least 4+ of age…. Well, if your baby’s sleeping mode in not the hyper one, you may consider it in 3+ too! baby boy bedroom design ideas 1

I liked this one in blue actually, not because of the color, but the arrangements. Swapping the colors and replacing the bed with simple mattress can work great actually. The wall thing in this one is just a superb idea!baby boy bedroom design ideas 4

The next one has an edge of accommodating two and even three! Just in case, if you don’t have two right now, but planning one sooner, do go for something like this….. baby boy bedroom design ideas 5

And finally something I loved most! Totally toddler friendly, colorful and spacious enough for him to have great fun!baby boy bedroom design ideas 6

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