Affiliate Programs: Good Opportunity for Mommies to Work From Home

Now that the internet has found its way to almost every aspect of our lives, the use of computers has become a common practice. As a result lots of people nowadays prefer remote working over standard office job. Others move even further and start their own ecommerce projects and have decent income.

Some of these practices serve as good work from home for moms who have just given birth or housewives who want to earn some extra money working a few hours a day.

While there are women who aim to return to their jobs as soon as possible after the birth of the child, some prefer to stay with the baby. Many women become housewives but still find it necessary to do something apart from housework. Along with some popular internet freelance jobs, they can choose ecommerce as an alternative to dependent employment. Unlike having to work for a boss, this scheme allows you to make your own schedule and set your own deadlines.


Working from home with affiliate programs

There are many types of ecommerce businesses each having its own risks and advantages. Some strategies require constant attention which hardly suits the mother of a little child. Others imply a considerable startup capital which is also not an option in some cases. Beginners or those who don’t want to risk their money may start with affiliate programs.

An affiliate program allows you to become a promotion partner of an internet trading platform. The idea is that you promote different (or single) categories of products using social media or your own web site and try to attract potential customers for the platform. If the client buys a product after following your link (in a web store, a blog, in social media, etc), then you get paid a certain percentage of the product’s price.


Though it may be not as simple as it sounds, it’s a good opportunity to work from home for moms and housewives. The advantages of such work include the following:

  • you don’t need a startup capital or regular spending to be an affiliate partner;
  • though you may need to learn lots of new information about the methods of promotion, most of it can be easily found on the web;
  • you don’t have to work a specific amount of time each day; it’s up to you to decide on your schedule;
  • there’s no boss who tells you what to do, and working less only means getting paid less – no risk to get fired.

One of the most high-potential trading platforms that offer affiliate programs nowadays is AliExpress. Today it’s one of the fastest evolving platforms which embraces more than 200 000 exporters and sends 400 thousand packages worldwide each day. Becoming a member of its affiliate program can earn you up to 18% commission.

A good strategy is to create a web store which refers customers to AliExpress. In this case, you don’t actually sell products. In order to keep everything in order and updated, you might use AliPlugin which automates part of the process thus saving you even more time. This type of remote work can bring decent income and grants you enough time and flexibility to watch for your baby. Lots of people also use this experience to work in ecommerce later.

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