8 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids

Studies reveal that Kids’ imaginations helps them in developing intellectual skills, emotional strength and also contributes in many other health benefits. Fostering creativity lets your child be more confident, socially responsible and overall a better learner.

Here are some of the ways to encourage kids’ creativity:

1- Have a designated space for creative activities.

2- Don’t make it fancier, rather keep it simple and allow you child to feel like if he has the power over that space.

3- Expose your kids to the world so they can use their senses to explore the real life things; organize trips to library, museum and outdoors and ask questions.

4- Let them draw their imagination.

5- The above tips are great way to encourage creativity in kids, but they may not work if you do not appreciate their imagination and creative work. Appreciate their work in a creative way like turning kid’s drawings into plush toys and 3D color print objects.

Simply take a photo of your child’s drawing or artwork and upload it to kidscreationtolife.com. They will design and turn your kid’s art work into a life-like creation which will be delivered to you anywhere in the world for a flat shipping rate of $15.

custom plush toys 1

This video explains it well:

6- Cover your walls with art and other evidence of the creative expression of your child, tell them your favorite one. Discuss their work in connection with a popular artist, movie or a scientific development!

7- And yes, take the time for your own creativity; kids learn from watching their parents. So be creative yourself not just by joining them d when they’re drawing or building or coloring, but also finding new and innovative ways to appreciate and celebrate their creativity. Involve your kid for gift ideas, home improvement, clothing, party ideas etc.

8- By encouraging creativity, you actually allow your child to take steps that he hasn’t taken ever before, and the chances are that he may fail. So, encourage him to make mistakes and fail and the rise.

I hope the above list will help your child be more creative.

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