8 Tips to Create Your Own Stress-Free Abode

We all want a space that feels like a unique extension of our personalities. While it’s wonderful to know who we are, there could be some aspects of you home that are making you more anxious than at peace.

Perhaps you have a clutter in every room, dirty dishes in the sink or don’t have furniture you like in your family room. Your home office is a mess, and your bedroom is the wrong color for relaxation. Whatever the issue, if you are looking to create a more stress-free abode, here are some tips to employ in your own home or apartment to make your own “happy place”:

1- Take care of your daily messes.

Clean up after dinner by washing dishes by hand or in your dishwasher. Pick up your bags, coats and shoes. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have seven dirty coffee cups on your home-office desk or ranch-splattered plates in the sink from two days ago. Stay ahead of the curve and clean up a little every day.


2- Organize items.

Keep your keys, wallet, purse and other daily used items in a specific place. Nothing is more stressful than not being able to find your car keys when you’re trying to get somewhere at a specific time. Have a coat rack by your entry door. Keep a basket or hooks on or near a catch-all table near the front door. You’ll know that’s your designated place to drop your items, but be sure to keep that organized, too. Organize your kitchen cabinets, closets and other nooks and crannies of your home to eliminate clutter and maximize your space usage.


3- Streamline your colors.

When you have a wide range of colors in your home, the overall busy nature could keep your brain always firing synapses. Choose soothing colors, like light greens, taupes, grays and purples to help reduce your stress levels by using colors.


4- Add lighting to illuminate locations.

Use floor and table lamps to add lighting to corners and other areas in your rooms. Overhead lighting can cause the inability to relax. Light up reading areas to create a more relaxing atmosphere.


5- Use focal points you love.

Showcase your own photography. Hang a canvas in your foyer that draws your attention and the attention of others. Keep fresh flowers on the dining room table. Use accent throw pillows on your sofa that add a pop of color and personality. Whatever you like, make sure to incorporate focal points into your home. They could cheer you up after a busy or bad day at the office and ensure you are unwinding in your own personal space.


6- Use indoor plants.

There’s something about adding nature to your indoor landscape that soothes the mind. Grow your own herbs or get some succulent plants. A touch of green will give life to your home or apartment. Even if you don’t have a lot of room, this can add a small energy boost and anxiety reducer.


7- Talk with someone about ideas.

If you have some ideas about how to make your home more stress-free, talk with someone about those ideas. You could even talk with a mental health professional in person or online to sort through your stressors and try to eliminate them on the home decor front. If the thought of speaking to someone about matters like this, or others that weigh heavy on your heart a better idea might be to do a bit of research online to understand your feelings.

Some people find it that an uneasiness comes along with these things, and as a result might decide to look into whether or not this common experience is the result of having an anxiety disorder or something else going on with their mind.


8- Make sure your furry friends are safe.

We stress out about our dogs and cats escaping from our homes and yards. Make sure you have proper fencing and repair large holes with a product like Dig Defence.


Learn more tips from Prevention. You could be one step away from eliminating stress in your home.

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