6 Useful Tips for Exhibition Stand Planning

No matter how unique your small scale business is, without having good promotion, you cant take it beyond a hobby. Many women who plan to start unique business ideas like handicrafts, painting, interior design, and many other creative ideas, are often overwhelmed when it comes to the promotion and getting clients.

A trade exhibition is an opportunity to showcase your products and services. It can not only get you some direct clients, but offers you a platform for extensive exposure through innovative exhibition stand. And, getting it wrong is simply not an option. From the location of your stand to the lighting arrangements, there are many decisions to be made in order to get a maximum ROI, and with that in mind, here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

1- Prime Location – It pays to book very early for any exhibition or event, as this will give you more of a choice, and by approaching Aspect Exhibitions UK based exhibition contractors who can help you design the stand, you can be sure of attracting some interest. It might be a little cheaper for a corner stand or one at the rear of the hall, but you should focus on reserving the best floor space, whatever the cost.

2- The Right DesignOnce you have a floorplan and have secured your booth space, it is time to approach the exhibition stand contractor, who would have a wide range of designs and systems that can be used to build the stand. It is worth spending time at the design stage, looking at all of your options, making sure that the design works with your company and product line. There are many modular systems that can be used for building exhibition stands, which makes for a very quick installation, plus it looks far more professional.

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3- Get Your Lighting Right – The way your stand is illuminated has a major effect on the ambience, and with clever use of spotlights, you can showcase your products for maximum effect. Effective lighting will create a warm and inviting ambience, and with dimmer switches, you find control to ensure the perfect lighting. Effective use of coloured lighting is also something to consider, providing it works with your product range and the overall design.

4- Use Lightboxes – Graphics are an integral part of any successful exhibition stand, and there’s no better way to display quality graphics than by using lightboxes. If you are using a leading exhibition stand contractor, they would have an in-house team who can design and fabricate lightboxes to precise specifications.

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5- Make Good Use of Technology – Flat TV screens can be effectively used to run looping presentations, and if it is possible, you should consider using virtual reality software to demonstrate your products. Interactive multimedia engages people much more than traditional displays, so explore all your possibilities on making the best use of technology.

6- Define Your Target Audience – This is something that should be done during the design stage, which will help you make the right choices by ensuring that the ambience is suitable for your target audience.

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The success of your exhibition stand depends on the level of planning, and by forging an alliance with a leading exhibition stand erector, you will have all the tools at your disposal to build a stand that will showcase your products in the best possible way. Attention to detail will ensure that nothing is overlooked and with your dynamic sales team prepared and everything in place, you are ready to greet visitors.

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