5 Tips to Help You Win Online Baby Contests

Social media has brought us all new ways to express ourselves, let it be a celebration, a memory, or even a random selfie, sharing it with your network is super satisfying. However, being a mommy, your preferences are little too different; you want to glorify your kids more than posting self-centered content and online contests are something that sparks the attention of almost every other mommy out there.

I am sure, every new mommy must have participated in one or more baby contests on Facebook. After all, every big company linked with kids’ related business, pre-schools and nurseries, kids clothing, manufacturers of baby food, diapers, baby gears, i.e. strollers, educational toys etc. regularly give away their products in baby contests as a part of marketing activity.

Yes, we all participate in these contests with the aim to win, but only a few lucky ones make it happen and all others feel dishearten and demotivated. In this article, I will share some tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning more of baby contests online, so you enjoy participating while your little one may win some awesome goodies.

Here go the tips and tricks:

1- Step out of your comfort zone and try to join a competition. Yes, you may have a fear of scams, but let me tell you that if the contest is being hosted by the official Facebook page of a brand (notice the blue check mark), it’s definitely a real competition.

2- It is important to read and understand the contest terms and requirements carefully before you start taking pictures of your child. Believe me, more than 60% of the contest entries are thrown away, just because they do not meet the requirements. Understanding the contest requirements and submission guidelines will help you avoid disqualification.

3- Be creative; play with the background colors, engage your child in some relevant activity and take as many clicks as possible. Then, start filtering and submit the best one.

4- And yes, you must know that high-resolution pictures make a better impact, so use a good camera.

5- If the contest requires your entry to have votes, make sure to utilize all channels to get votes for your entry, i.e. get it voted from all the family members, use all your Facebook accounts to vote (when you own more than one), share it with your friends and ask them to vote, and even buy Facebook votes.

Following the above guidelines, you’re all set to make a superb contest entry; your child will get a great exposure even if he doesn’t win the contest which is great itself.

Moreover, when participating in online baby and children contests you must know a few things which may bother you later, so knowing them at first is a good thing. For instance, by submitting your entry to a contest, you give all rights to the organizer and they can use the picture wherever they want, i.e. on their product label, marketing material etc.


The Bottom Line:

For parents, it is always a great excitement to get free stuff for their babies. Let it be from their family or friends or prizes from online competitions, these freebies and samples are always welcomed. However, winning an online competition requires some effort and little technique, which is discussed above. And, don’t worry if your baby doesn’t win, he will still make headlines online!

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