5 Reasons I Follow & Read Mommy Blogs

Being a mother is probably the biggest blessing one can have; it’s full of surprises, intense moments and above all your personal experience of bringing up a special person. However, many times we find ourselves clueless; let it be a cranky behavior or your little one or you are looking for a better way to improve your motherhood experience, you need advice and expert opinion on almost daily basis.

Reading parenting blogs, discussion boards and online advice from relevant experts like koddie are the best companions of today’s mommies. I personally read three to five parenting blogs in alternate days; at times looking for activity ideas for toddlers while other times exploring the guides to buying new and used baby items.

A lot of mommy bloggers are my source of inspiration and advice, most of the times. These women reside in a very special corner of the Internet; some are stay-at-home moms, some are work from home moms while others are full-time working moms, and believe me, everyone has something to learn from.

And here are my five reasons for reading mommy blogs:

1- Mommy blogs discuss real life experiences and believe me, at times they tell your very own story. And, it’s a great relief to know that you are not alone facing those tantrums.

2- They have a variety of topics and so you never get bored. Let it be parenting, protecting the environment, politics, crafts, food, homeschooling, gardening, household products, design, travel or just funny stories, you will find a great deal of motivation.

3- The product reviews are very much trustworthy!

4- The DIY tips and life-hacks are way more effective than those you find on Pinterest and WikiHow.

5- Because mommies are mainly the buyers for their homes in everything from clothing to food and everything else, you happen to get a real life advice on home economics.

There can be a lot more reasons, but I think these five are enough to motivate you to read mommy blogs.

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