5 Best Places to Get Paid for Your Recipes

All of us love to eat good, but only a few love to cook. All those who love to cook are the great people in our lives who provide us with the best taste and amazing edibles.

Well, good cooking requires one to spend parallel time in the kitchen and spending time in the kitchen is not that pleasant as we may think.

If you are a whiz in the kitchen or you know someone who is, telling them about some additional rewards for their great recipes is the great way to pay back for their great work.get paid for your recipes

I am telling you about top 5 places where you can submit your recipes and get paid for your great skills.


Cooking for Engineers – $10 – $20

Crafty Morning – $10 – $20

Recipay’ – $10 – $15

Cuisine at Home – Up to $100

Recipe Yum – Revenue sharing

Do not forget to share the list with your mom, sister, wife or just any other girl or guy who has ever served you a delicious recipe.

Believe me, this the best appraisal to showcase their skills to a broader audience and of course something that brings them an additional source of income too.

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