5 Activities to Increase Your Kids’ Brain Power

If you are a parent who is searching for some fun activities that your kids can engage in and at the same time, you want an added bonus of an amazing brain workout, there are five activities that are guaranteed to boost your child’s brain power. These activities will be able to help improve the comprehension, attention, academic, and reading abilities of your child. Start as early as now and provide them with the additional brain power they need for them to enjoy their young years to the fullest!

1- Juggle It Up

For sure, you have taken your kid to a circus show in the past. While it is entertaining to watch clowns with their floppy shoes and big red nose, what is really fun to see is what the clown does, one of which is juggling. Juggling is something that can induce the growth of the different parts of your brain.

2- Swim, Swim, Swim

When the weather is fine and sunny outside, why not hit the pool with your kids? Any form of aerobic exercise has been proven to be great when it comes to enhancing the brain activity of your child. However, swimming has been noted to be extremely helpful, specifically for kids who experience ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, depression, or anxiety.

3- Engage in a Table Tennis Match

Table tennis is the ideal combination to break physical sweat and mental sweat at the same time. Some recent studies have revealed that ping pong helps in invigorating the brain and enhances concentration as well.

Just like chess, table tennis makes use of the prefrontal cortex which is in charge of strategic planning, and lets the player form and sustain long term events and facts. The next time you see your kid getting a bit bored or if it is too hot outdoors for some game, you can just grab your beginner table tennis bat and invite them for a table tennis match.

4- Dance Your Way to a More Alert Brain

You read that right. Once your kid starts twitching and tapping his feet, shows off some great footwork on Dance Revolution, or hits the dance floor with some amazing moves, this is also a form of building brain power. This type of activity does not just help the brain with judgment and forethought as it can also produce BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a type of protein which can help neurons in communicating more effectively.

5- Get the Brain Working with Board Games and Puzzles

It might seem simple, yet encouraging your kids to play board games and puzzles which stimulate their mind with words, numbers, and languages will let them remember, understand, and recognize new concepts and ideas. It dramatically helps in cognitive development as far as writing, reading, and spelling is concerned, and at the same time, it makes it a challenging and fun learning environment.

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