4 Natural Acne Treatments with No Side Effect

Acne is probably the most hate-able problem, not just for teens but anyone who has it. At least I know the frustration anyone can undergo due to acne. Well, acne at any age needs careful attention and must not be ignored. Getting medical treatment is always an option, but we all know the high fees of dermatologists and the biggest problem is not being covered in normal insurance.

natural acne treatments

Well, natural ways to treat acne are the best ones to try at home as they’re suitable for all types of skins and have no side effects.

There are a variety of ways to treat acne, but here’re four very common ones which I used myself and they worked like a charm.

1- Tomato Pulps: Tomato pulps are used to treat pimples and the scars that are left behind by it. Tomato as it has a natural acid that combats bacteria, helps removing pimples and cleans the scars. It works as a natural exfoliate. It’s a good treatment, but people with sensitive skin should be careful while using it.

tomato pulp to treat acne

Do check my other post on how tomato helps in treating scars and skin lightening.


2- Orange peel: Mix the citrus skin with powdered milk and gently use it on the affected areas for a few minutes before rinsing.

ange peel to treat acne

This is more effective for the scars left by pimples. Other than orange, lemon can be used as alternative.


3- Ginger: Now ginger juice is something that can help treating pimples. Apply the ginger juice gently on the pimple and wait for it to subside after a couple of days.

ginger to treat acne

Do not apply too much of it, just two to three drops on a pimple are enough for a day.


4- Salt and water: At times we mess up with pimples by touching, pressing and scratching them and they appear to be more prominent and swollen.

salt water to treat acne

This recipe helps to reduce pimple swelling. Just apply few drops of the mixture on pimple and let it dry. Use it two or three times a day.

Please, not that do not mess with the pimples with too many creams and home remedies at once. Use one option at a time. Listen to your skin first and then apply treatments, because everyone is unique and so there skin needs unique treatment.

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