3 Rules for Soft, Beautiful & Younger Looking Hands

No matter how younger you look from your face; your hands will always tell your age!

Well, this is not always true; a little care of your hands will certainly make your hands look softer and younger.

I was always proud of my beautiful hands, but just three years of life with complete household responsibilities made my hands too ugly to look at them even. The frustration, however lead me to discover the ways to take care of my hands and make them younger looking.

beautiful and younger looking hands

This is what I found! I am sharing it with the purpose that you make them the rules for having beautiful and younger looking hands.


1- Make Gloves Your Friends:

Let it be dishes, laundry, dusting, cleaning or just anything that brings damaging exposure to your hands; protect them with gloves!

plastic gloves for cleaning

The cleaning products make your skin rough as well as they can cause serious burns. Too much of water exposure drains all the moisture leaving your hands dry, rough and ugly.

Of course, you cannot leave the work, but can protect your hands easily with gloves.


2- Keep them Moisturized:

Just like your face, your hands also need moisture to look fresh. Keep them moisturized with a good hand cream or else use the same body lotion that you use.

keep hands moisturized

Keep the moisturizers on all visible places in your house, i.e. kitchen, washroom, dressing table, nightstand and so on. At times when we are in a hurry and forget to wear gloves before doing dishes, or doing cleaning and then get busy in other stuff, you must moisturize them immediately.


3- Stay Hydrated:

Proper hydration is the key to smooth and soft skin; drinking enough water does just keep your skin fresh, but also keeps your digestive system in order.

drink lot of water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. I drink more than 15 daily, however, you can adjust your requirements according to your situation.

If you don’t drink water as required, better is to keep water bottle on a place where you have more tasks to do. This will remind you of drinking water.


It’s simple to take care of your hands on daily basis, all you need to do is to make it easier.

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