10 Tips to Stay Organized & Have a Stress Free Life

Staying organized is the number one stress reliever, especially when those to-dos start to pile up. When your life is cluttered, there’s less time in your schedule for the things you love to do, and personal goals tend to become lost in the muddle.

Consider the top ten organization tips below to reclaim your life and keep the stress at bay.

1- Start the day by making your bed.

Not only does this get you into the mindset and habit of staying tidy, but there’s nothing greater than coming home from a long, busy day to a freshly-made bed. Just like brushing your teeth or pressing “brew” on your coffee machine, making your bed should become a part of your morning routine.

2- Set up Google Calendar.

Use Google’s ultimate organization tool to create and schedule events, remember birthdays, and set up goals and general reminders. You can even sync your Google calendar with your significant other or your family members, so you’re always in-the-know when it comes to your loved ones.

3- Buy a paper planner.

Technology is an excellent tool, but studies have shown that writing out notes and tasks by hand helps you remember them. A paper planner is a great organizational tool you can put in your purse to keep you focused, day-to-day. PurpleTrail sells Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners to help you stay organized, your way.

With completely customizable covers featuring the latest design trends, and tons of exciting add-ons, you can create a custom planner that is unique to your needs and style. Browse a list of PurpleTrail’s helpful add-ons like To Do List, Bill Tracker, Password List, Fitness Tracker, and more, to stay organized in all facets of your life.

4- Get a label maker and label everything.

You’ll never lose anything again if all your containers, boxes, and designated organization spaces are labeled with their contents. Label the insides of kitchen drawers or cabinet doors so you know where specific tools and appliances are located. If you’re storing items in your garage or attic, mark what’s in the box so you don’t have to play a guessing game later. Brother’s P-Touch allows you to easily generate labels, featuring a QWERTY keyboard and simple one-touch prompts.

5- Keep a tidy purse or briefcase.

Dump out the contents of your purse or briefcase often and get rid of anything you don’t need. Throw away those old receipts, dry pens, and gum wrappers which simply clutter up your go-to bag. Consider a handbag insert or mesh pouches to keep your contents organized within several compartments and make reorganizing a breeze.

6- Set up a donation bag in your closet.

Promote a healthy routine of purging clothes you don’t like anymore or that don’t fit to keep the clutter out of your closet. Donate your clothing or unwanted items to companies like Goodwill or other nonprofits who help strengthen local communities, so you can feel good about recycling your clothes instead of throwing them away. You’ll also have a designated “donation” space to keep your unwanted clothing until you can get them to the thrift store.

7- Keep an empty email inbox.

Nothing is more aggravating than an inbox with hundreds of unread messages, especially when most of those emails are spam or unwanted subscriptions. Consider an app like me to delete the subscriptions you don’t want, and organize the ones that you do. Now that you’ve filtered all the spam out, make it a goal to end the day with an empty inbox so you can begin fresh the next morning.

8- Maximize vertical space in your home and organize “upwards.”

There’s only so many things you can keep on horizontal surfaces, like your desk or the kitchen counter, before those areas feel cluttered and unusable. Utilize the wall space and other vertical surfaces of your home to keep things off your work spaces. Install shelving for your books, use space saving hangers to get more out of your closet space, or use over-the-door hangers for items like shoes, cleaning supplies, and more.

9- Decorate with cute desk and organization décor.

Cute or aesthetic organization accessories for your desk and other work spaces will encourage you to stay organized in style. A clean and trendy work space will promote efficiency when it comes to your to-do list.

10- Use colored pens and washi tape for color-coded notes.

Not only will organizing become fun, but you are more likely to remember important notes or to-dos if you spend the time color-coding with pens, gel pens, or markers. Color-coding helps your tasks stand out from one another. The newest trend is decorating your notebook or planner pages with washi tape, which is an entertaining way to pass the time and can also become a great way to organize your notes.


I hope the above tips will help you regain peace in your life by staying organized!

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