10 Tips for Making Your Boutique Business a Sure Fire Success

I don’t know a woman in my life that hasn’t dreamed of owning her own boutique. There’s just something purely magical about being your own boss and pedaling totally cute kitsch, lavish lotions, and other awesome accessories and apparel. Boutique’s can range in style and get very granular such as a baby boutique, health and beauty boutique, or home decor boutique.

As you probably know, nearly 50 percent of all small businesses fail within the first four years. Here are some sure fire ways to make your beautiful baby boutique business a sizzling success!

Tip 1- Make Friends All Over

You have to branch out when you’re a local business owner. Period. Make appearances at other local business, events, fundraisers, and town socials. It’s important to introduce yourself, network, and make nice with everyone you come in contact with. Always have a card on stand by and support your fellow business owners! You can recommend their place to customers and they can recommend yours!

Tip 2- Get on Social Media

Social media allows you to snap pics of all your gear, post sales, hold contests and giveaways, and just connect with those outside of your local area. It helps word travel fast and promotes instant exposure. It can create a clear picture of what your boutique looks like from the inside out. This helps make shy shoppers more familiar with your goods and less timid to make an entrance. It also helps people literally shop online and engage in chat conversations whenever and wherever if they have questions for you. 

Tip 3- Host Contests and Sales

A great way to get attention of potential buyers is to give away something good and big! By making those interested in winning your grand prize be sure to have them like, comment, and share on your listing online! Lots of sales are also important around holidays and during any kind of event going on around your town to get buyers in the store. You could even team up with other small businesses located around you to have a block party sale or sidewalk sale event.

Tip 4- Host Events at your Boutique

Ladies night out, anyone? I can’t think of a better way to get people in your boutique to shop and socialize! You can host food and wine pairings, benefits for local agencies-the sky is the limit!

Tip 5- Be Generous

When you can, donate a small gift basket from your shop. Often times, schools look for donations for their basket raffles and fundraisers. What a great way to get in with the parents in town!

Tip 6- Advertise

You can’t just rely on social media to promote your business. Invest in billboards, signs, and advertisements in the newspaper and free flyers. This will help you connect with an older crowd that doesn’t get into Facebook or Instagram. Older crowd not what you’re going for? They have kids and grandkids-duh!

Tip 7- Be Open to Feedback

Often times, boutique owners tend to be biased. They feel their store and goods are as good as they get. Be open to feedback from clients and customers. Whether you post an online survey or have one in a paper form, take their comments seriously.

Tip 8- Be Accessible

I can’t tell you how many cute boutiques I drive by that are closed. Most people work until 5, so why not open your store later in the day and remain open for those who need some retail therapy after a bad day at work?

Tip 9- Staging is everything

If you want to get people into your boutique, your front window says everything. It will inspire onlookers and engage serious shoppers. Set up your store with inviting plush chairs, charismatic décor-having the right decorations is everything. If you’re not great at creating a cool and chic space, it may be wise to invest in a decorator for this task.

Tip 10- Talk to an Accountant

Before opening for business, it’s important to talk to an accountant that you trust so you can be set up for financial success. As the employer and employee of your boutique, you get taxed at a different rate. You can write off certain expenses and even deduct utilities and other purchases at tax time. The right accountant can guide you and make sure you’re crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s so you don’t find yourself in a financial jam at tax time.

Being a boutique business owner is super exciting. While it’s important to focus on your products, it’s also important to make sure your business gets off to smart start. By considering these 10 tips, you can ensure success and lots of happiness in your business venture!

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