Profitable Business Ideas for Mommies in Small Towns

I am always a big supporter of women entrepreneurship, because it’s not just about empowering a family, but a step forward empowering a country’s economy whereby women make a major half of the total population.

According to a recent survey details published on, women entrepreneurs are more ambitious than their male counterparts and so their success rate is higher.

If you’re an ambitious woman, you must take a step into the entrepreneurial world. No matter if you live in a big city or a small one, if you’re enthusiastic about starting and running your own business, there’re countless opportunities.

This post is specifically to motivate women in small towns, rural areas, villages and comparatively less developed areas to start small scale business.

We lately published a refined list of small business ideas for small towns, rural areas and villages at Do check the list along with detailed resources on starting following businesses, as discussed by my co-workers.


Bread & Breakfast; an Interesting Business Ideas for Rural Areas with Tourist Attraction

Beauty Salon Business; a Hot Opportunity for Women in Small Towns

Small Scale Poultry Farming; a Lucrative Business Opportunity for Villages

Small Scale Vegetable & Fruit Mart in Rural Areas; a Profitable Opportunity

Small Grocery Store; a Highly Profitable Business Idea for Small Towns

Starting an Internet Café in a Village; a Hot Business Opportunity

Dairy Farming is Still a Big Hotspot for Entrepreneurs Focused in Rural Areas

Small Scale Ice Cream Shop; a Profitable Business Ideas for Villages with Hot Climate

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