Pick & Deliver Laundry Service for Chicago Mommies; a Cost Effective Option

Did you know thousands of people in big cities find it difficult to get the laundry done? It’s not just hectic task in their though everyday routine, but is quite unpleasant and nonproductive too. They can use the same time in a productive task or for amusement.

So, if you have lately been exploring lists of small business ideas for Chicago, and you feel you have nothing to invest in, go for pick and deliver laundry business…. All you need to spend is a few hundred dollars on marketing your service online and you can use the household machine to take start.

Get the order, go and pick the order, get it washed and deliver it back to the customer and charge your price. You even don’t need to invest in a service center initially. Target offices and other commercial setups for bulk orders and give them some discount too.


Yes, it’s going to be a tedious task, so you can hire a helper to do the washing and ironing, while you yourself should focus on sales!

Here are some links to resources for starting up a pick and deliver laundry service in Chicago:

How to start a laundry pick-up and delivery service.

Using Uber for laundry business.

City or Chicago Licensing & Permits Center.

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