Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Face Review

I received Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Face as a gift from Palmer’s Middle East when I subscribed to their newsletter and it’s been more than 4 weeks that I have used the product for at least once a day.

The results are amazing; you feel your skin not just glowing, but softer and more moisturized. However, you must know the product for better results, so here’s what I discovered about the product.

  • It’s a face oil and is meant to restore the moisture of your skin, so the best time to use it is at night or any other time when you are relaxing.
  • Do not use it before going to sunlight, because it may tan the skin and moreover it doesn’t have any sun protection.
  • It’s rich in vitamin C and you will see a glow if you use it continuously for a week at least.
  • It’s nongreasy, but still, you must not go to bed for at least an hour after applying the oil. This is because, you should give it time to absorb fully, otherwise, the product on the surface of the skin will just wipe away and you may not see timely results.

Now let me tell you what Palmer’s claim about the product and to what extent the claims are valid.

1- Transform your skin with a powerful blend of 10 pure precious oils, Retinol, Vitamin C and our exclusive Cetesomate-E® Complex.

Of course, I cannot see all the 10 oils, but results do show a transformed skin.

2- Skin restorative oils along with natural Cocoa Butter, Retinol and Vitamin C deliver multi-purpose, anti-aging skin benefits.

In fact, you do see an anti-aging benefit, especially those lighter fine lines appearing around the corner of the eye can be well managed with this oil. But, you should not be looking to remove wrinkles with it. The Skin Therapy Oil Face can prevent wrinkles, I believe.. but cannot remove the ones that have been developed for over years.

3- Ten Pure Oils help moisturize and smooth fine lines and wrinkles while Retinol and Vitamin C help improve and brighten tone and texture.

As I mentioned above, this is true. And yes, you do see a brightened tone and texture of the skin. The progress I see, I feel it can help you look 10 years younger if you make it a routine.

4- This lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, while the Cetesomate Complex helps deliver all of the essential vitamins and nutrients directly into the epidermal layer of the skin. Skin looks younger-looking with a more glowing and firm appearance.

Again a valid claim that can be illustrated well by using the product. And yes, I could see a visible lightening of dark spots too.

Being non-sticky and no greasy is the one thing that made me use it with consistency, and I should rate it 9/10, and I am sure, I will be using it in future too.

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